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西班牙语 单词 训练

4.7 ( 627 ratings )
Gry Edukacja Edukacyjne
Desenvolvedor: kurosawapro

This application program is used to study Spanish. Please select the displayed meaning of Spanish from four choices. It is possible to advance by answering all the questions correctly at the following level. The voice of 500 words is installed by default. The voice of the remainder is downloaded on the Internet. Spanish of about 2000 words can be mastered by this application program.

这个应用软件是为了学习西班牙语的东西。 请从四个可供选择的方案选择被表示的西班牙语的意义。 全问答对的话能进入下面的水平。 默认500字的语音被安装。 残余的语音用因特网被下载。 用这个应用软件能完全掌握约2000字的西班牙语。